October 6, 2013

how to uninstall avg secure search toolbar

You will get a lot of browser toolbars while trying to install some crappy(may be useful sometimes ! rarely) softwares. You will try to uninstall the toolbar but somehow it doesn't work. In my case I have come across AVG secure searchbar which I dont like to call it as a secure search tool at all. It looks terrible and every search result opens in a new tab (its not my choice at all !). So I have tried uninstalling it through control panel which has given the following error.

AVG secure searchbar
error message while uninstalling AVG secure search bar

I have tried some other options but I still got the same error again and again.So finally I have          
Googled for "How to uninstall AVG secure search toolbar" . Actually AVG has some official documentation about uninstalling their dirty toolbar (Wow ! they know that no one will ever like a software is installed unintentionally)

AVG has a tool to uninstall AVG secure search toolbar. Don't worry ! This time they dont install another unwanted softwares. So go to grab this link to uninstall AVG search toolbar and follow the instructions. 

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At November 5, 2013 at 10:34 PM , Anonymous dennis said...

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At December 4, 2013 at 5:29 AM , Blogger Sreekanth Boddireddy said...

This is really helpful. Now I have Dropbox and Evernote, it really makes my blogging life easier. Thank you.


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