Linux Mint-the best Linux operating system

Most of the people don't use Linux as they feel it is hard to use. Initially even i felt the same but now i am in love with Linux.
I have used different flavors of Linux operating systems including Ubuntu,Fedora,Linux Mint. After  testing all of these operating systems I felt very comfortable with Linux Mint.


    1.Ready to use operating system : With built in softwares and plug-ins we can directly use  the operating system once it is installed.

  •     Usually no other Linux operating system gives built in media players where as Mint gives some good options like VLC media player,Banshee media player,Rhythm Box,Gnome Media player, Brasero media player etc and some more media players.
  •   There is Firefox browser integrated with in the mint Operating system so you don't need to download any other browser as Firefox is the most secured web browser to browse the web.
  •     No need of installing any drivers for audio and wireless as they all work fine with Linux environments. The advantage of Mint is Wireless connectivity is very fast compared to any other OS including Windows and other Linux OS.So You can start browsing from the next second you log into your OS. Also there is an advantage of Firefox browser in Mint. It starts without any delay in MINT.
  •     You will get some useful set of softwares along with the OS. The list includes GIMP image editor, Libre Office suit, ThunderBird e-Mail client, Bit torrent client etc

    2.BEST MULTI TASKING OS :With the workspace manager concept, MINT over takes all other operating systems. The Hot corner is my all time favorite in MINT. It shows all working windows at a glance.You can group the windows into different workspaces.

multi tasking in mint using workspace switcher
multi tasking in mint using workspace switcher


    3.MINT is very light and fast : Whether own a high end laptop or an old desktop, Mint can sit on your computer easily. The boot up time is very less. my system loads in 15-20 seconds and I can instantly start browsing files or Internet without any delay.

    4.Find the best softwares easily : Software manager will give an option to choose from a vast number of softwares.Choose a software and click install to download and use. No technical hassles. It is simpler than windows installation.All Ubuntu softwares work fine with MINT as both are Debian based operating systems.For programmers Linux is paradise as they can find many free and powerful softwares.

    5.Configurable appearance as you like : There are a lot of options to  configure the appearance settings. In fact you can make more beautiful than Windows OS.You can use either cinnamon settings pane or you can download Ubuntu Tweak application(reminder: all applications in Ubuntu works with MINT) which gives you a lot of appearance settings.

    You can install as many Desktop environments as possible.That means you can have Ubuntu feel in Mint also. The user need to select his Desktop environment while logging into the system. Coming to the login screen, there are many themes you can use as welcome menu where you have to enter login credentials.      

best linux operating system
beauty of Linux Mint
    6.Control your computer as you like : Mint is the most controllable OS. As there is a task manager in Windows , Mint has its unique System Monitor which where you can kill the programs which are not responding. There is a super hotkey for restarting your Desktop applications(not the total OS), Press [Ctrl+Alt+Backspace] to stop all the applications and restart the Desktop.For Windows users this may sound weird as Windows doesn't have an advantage like this.

HOW TO TRY LINUX MINT : As Linux mint is a live Operating system, you can experience it without installing it on your hard disk. You just need to put the CD or pendrive with the operating system which will enable the live Mint OS environment. There you can have an option to install it.
You can also install Linux along with Windows which is called as dual boot.You can Google for it to get more info on dual boot.


  1. but there are some problems with linux mint.............actually i havnt seen the stable version of linux mint.after using 1 month the resolution settings are not properly working and system became slow.........if there is any new stable version fro linux kindly post in the website

  2. hello sathish, very nice to hear from you...Which version of Linux Mint you have used ?
    This post is written based on Linux Mint Maya edition(mint 13) running on Cinnamon desktop environment..I am using it on my Dell inspiron n4050 laptop without any problems....It is very stable and fast..
    Mint Maya is the long term supported version from Linux community..So It is better to choose Linux Mint Maya 13 edition :)

  3. linux sucks. windows rocks. linux always be a bad bad and badder operating system , i ever seen in my life.
    linux really sucks.

  4. dear anonymus person can you tell me y every top 10 (out of 500) fastest computers in the world run on linux????????????????........
    you just dont know how to set it up so you think its bad so you go back to buying a 500$ OS
    when most (if not all) linux based OS's are free. you my friend just bought a 500$ DVD talk about being a bad OS.

  5. Linux is the most amazing OS how could you say it is worse than windows and I use Linux as my main OS and windows for only certain things. Linux is far better and more personalised. It is so easy to change and is great for everyone beginners and advanced users alike.

  6. in my opinion Linux Mint and Ubuntu are the best operating systems out there and they beat Windows and Mac OS X hands down. Those who find faults with linux do so out of their own ignorance. They are just not good enough to handle a sophisticated operating system.

  7. Hello Sreekanth: I want to ask that i have Dell Inspiron 14r laptop, so which linux operating system is better for it? how should I start to install in it? I heard from dell customer care they said we don't allow linux on dell.

  8. top five

  9. Hi Friends I've Installed Ubuntu 12.4 in a dual boot method so that If I'm having some editing works I can switch to the Windows. But the problem is if I switch back to the Ubuntu it hangs which sucks my mind. So anybody can suggest me out the resolution for this issue. I am using Pentium IV processor with 1 GB of RAM. Should I upgrade the processor or something else is required.....?

  10. To Anonymous! You must have absolutely no computer knowledge or ability to function a computer whatsoever. That being said I do own a copy of windows 8 just for the experience and understanding that it involves to operate said OS but I love all advancements in software and technologies. Windows is definitely geared toward people whom have no skill technically with computers anyone could use Windows from a person with a IQ of zero to a genius. That's why it's so popular it takes absolutely no skill to use the OS. And sadly this is the only reason its the most popular. Linux is free and for what it's worth outstanding! To think that a community driven OS has now become the number one used OS on all of the worlds super computers is dreamy. How can you say something that exceeds all other OS"s out there technically and distributed freely built by people all over the world is "linux sucks. windows rocks. linux always be a bad bad and badder operating system , i ever seen in my life.
    linux really sucks." is just ignorant!

  11. linux mint is the buggiest distro i have ever used. The best Distro i have ever used is Centos. linux mint is HORRIBLE. My desktop icons go missing, background gets messed up..... believe me its TERRIBLE. do yourself a favor and stay away from UBUNTU and LINUX MINT. Get yourself a real operating system like CENTOS. anyways who wants to be typing sudo apt-crap over yum

  12. both of those are the worse, and easiest to use linux distros. centos is WAY better

  13. Linux is a good operating system but not for the public. It should be kept in data centers or used to revive old machines, that's it. If you use it on a new machine with late features like (UEFI, Hybrid graphic cards), you will SUFFER !

    Still, it's a beautiful OS, but not for the public.


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