Best websites to boost your productivity

Productivity is nothing but making things simple for yourself.Whether it is office work or your personal task, there exists a best way to do it.
we are listing five best websites for making your things easy and simple. All of these websites are web services for improving your productivity.
You can bookmark these website to use them frequently to boost your day to day productivity.

5 websites you must bookmark for improving your productivity

1.dropbox : Never lose your important files and photos, just drop them in drop box and access them anywhere. This is the best sync and cloud tool i have ever used.
I have scanned all my educational certificates, important documents  and stored them in DropBox. With this I will never mess  up carrying certificates to a xerox machine, instead I just login to my account and give a print.
Basically DropBox gives you 2GB of storage. But you can increase DropBox storage limit upto 16 GB : If you are a programmer or writer then you might have faced a situation where you need to compare 2 different text files. Then you can compare easily in diff checker website without installing any software on your need to upload or paste 2 different text files to compare.
One more advantage is you can store the session and share it with others using the permanent link for the difference.

3.evernote : makes every thing easy to take note. you can clip web page using evernote clearly add-on for Firefox and Chrome. Best for students, business people and writers.
Read more about Ever-note clearly add-on for web browser

if this then that for increasing productivity
try using if this then that for making things simple
4.If This then That :  Say one of your friend tagged you in a facebook picture, How to download all such photos without logging into your facebook account ? IFTTT can do that for you easily. 

This is just a simple example to make you understand what IFTTT is about. There are a lots of other tricks like these to boost your productivity. Must visit if you are always on online.

5.The Dumb little Man : This is not a productivity tool like above, but a very good blog for making our life more productive. Check it out once.

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