The easiest way is to use "locate" command for getting the path of a file of which you know the filename.

For example, Imagine that you need a file named as on your linux machine.
For this try the command.

Output :

Here is the problem with Skype for Android. You logged into Skype. Then you signed out from skype selecting signout option. But when you again open the Skype application you will be confused to see your account still logged in.
signout will not work simply touching the signout button

How to sign out from Skype for Android ?

By default the "sign in automatically" option is enabled. This makes your job tough to signout from Skype account on Android. 
 The solution is to disable "sign in automatically" as shown in the following screenshot.
Disable the sign in automatically option
smart-launcher-home-screenAndroid is my favorite mobile operating system for its power of customization. There are many launchers available to make your Android phone more beautiful. 
I have been using smart launcher from the past 1 year and so happy with it. The developers release time to time updates for the app to make the launcher more productive.

Along with installing smart launcher you need to tweak a little bit so that it looks even clean. I am going to explain there steps one by one.
The free version is enough to make your Android look cleaner and cool.



I do this all the time. I always forget the attachment but writes "Please find the attachment". I feel embraced when I got the reply saying there is no attachment included in the mail.

Thanks to Gmail for the forgotten Email attachment reminder feature. This is a built in feature in Gmail. All you need to do is mention the word "attachment"or "attached" in the email body.
forgotten Email attachment reminder
Gmail's forgotten Email attachment reminder