Till today I have written more than 100 blog posts for all my blogs. The bad thing about blogging is that how much ever effort you put in writing a good article, it will reach to the readers only if it is search engine optimized.
Basic SEO tips for blogs

best blogging platform for beginners

I have started blogging with Google Blogger as it is simple to create and manage many blogs with just one Google account. I have spent just 10 dollars on this website to buy domain name. Google Blogger gives free hosting service. Initially I was skeptical about Google Blogger platform but now I am fully satisfied user of it.
You will get a lot of browser toolbars while trying to install some crappy(may be useful sometimes ! rarely) softwares. You will try to uninstall the toolbar but somehow it doesn't work. In my case I have come across AVG secure searchbar which I dont like to call it as a secure search tool at all. It looks terrible and every search result opens in a new tab (its not my choice at all !). So I have tried uninstalling it through control panel which has given the following error.

  1. My Facebook feed is boring. Why waste a lot of time when you can read some answers from Quora !
  2. My Google search skills are not so good and I don't want to waste a lot of time in reading all the first 10 websites which are given in the first results page.
  3. On Quora you will see a lot silly questions which are not so easy to answer like "Insects: If you injure a bug, should you kill it or let it live and not die?" After seeing these kind of questions you will think of asking some hypothetical questions ! Wow ! you are giving some creative work to your brain.